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Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 1:24 PM

Using cameras with Mifi device

I have my Simplisafe system set up in a boat, and the marina wifi connection is horrible, so I'm using a Verizon Mifi device.  The Simplisafe system connects just fine to the Mifi, but the cameras do not.  Why is this?



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3 months ago

@lscott This is only a hunch/guess on my part but the lag on mifi devices can, at times, be horrible.  Have you used the connect check tool on the camera? I would start there and then call Support to troubleshoot.

Please post your outcome here if you get a chance.

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3 months ago

Hello @lscott, 

Our cameras require a faster and more stable connection through Wi-Fi. And since they need to transmit a lot of data rather quickly, they are generally unable to connect to hotspots and work properly with one.

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