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Thursday, December 5th, 2019 4:53 AM

Using a Verizon Hot Spot for WiFi

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3 years ago

Based on what I've seen and the reports of a few others, the cameras seem to have some difficulty reestablishing connection if the WiFi is lost. Presumably the cameras work in DHCP mode but it seems, to me anyway, like they are iffy in cases where the DHCP server (which is typically ones router) tries to issue a new IP address in some cases after a lost connection.

In the case of hotspot, I think it's even more likely there can be iffy connection and on top of that I think more likely changes of IP address. I could be all wet, but my opinion is the cams probably won't ever work too well on a hotspot.

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3 years ago

That sounds like a viable reason.  If only happens after a lost signal, sometimes one camera will come back and rarely both.

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3 years ago

I attempted to connect a camera to my Verizon 8800L Jetpack to no avail. Called Simplisafe and they stated you need a router for it to work. Not sure I understand the explanation since the Hotspot is generating a usable wifi signal. Had to return the camera
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