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Sunday, May 30th, 2021 5:50 PM

User Error, Nothing to See Here - Wifi Extender, Doorbell, Not Connecting Quite Right

I was mistaken.  The doorbell is connected to the wifi extender, my iphone is connected to the wifi router, and indeed I can see the doorbell's video.

What initially happened, was that the doorbell's connection to the extender was dodgy - it was poor.  We have a brick facade and evidently brick can really attenuate wifi signals.  So after moving the extender to an outlet immediately behind the front door sidelight, the connection is good and it doesn't matter that the doorbell and my phone are connected to our network via different access points.
So I got the doorbell installed, the button rings and bell and basically I can see video, movement detection works, mostly seems good.

We have a WIFI extender in the house. Our phones and iPad automatically switch between the router and the extended depending on signal strength. That's common behavior for these devices. We can, of course, manually switch between the two access points. Both the router has both a 5ghz and 2.4 ghz. Network. We only ever use the 2.4. The extended only has 2.4.

Here's the catch. The doorbell is connected to our network via the extender.  Our iPhones and iPad can only access the video when they are also accessing the network via the extended. If I change the doorbell to access our network via the router, then we can only access video when our phones and iPad are also connecting via the router.

Is that the way the doorbell is supposed to work?  It's kind of a hassle. :/   It's not practical to have to change our devices wifi connection in order to see the video.

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3 years ago

That's some great troubleshooting there, Jonny Gogo! Glad to hear you got it figured out.

- Johnny M.
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