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Sunday, May 17th, 2020 4:27 PM

Unwanted Camera Recordings

I like the new camera and the privacy shutter however there are two big flaws:

1. Even with motion detection turned off and the privacy shutter employed for home, away, and off statuses, recordings are generated every time I turn on and off my system. This is an unnecessary invasion of privacy. The only time I want recordings is when an alarm is triggered or motion/activity while I am away. I'm constantly turning the system on and off while I am home and do not wish to be recorded.

2. The app page for the privacy shutter does not define the meaning of the toggle switch. For example, when the toggle switch is blue, it is not clear that means the privacy shutter is on or off.

I am so unhappy with the camera, that I am tempted to unplug it when I am not on vacation. Please update the camera settings to allow the user more control and customization. Please update the app to make the settings easier to understand.

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4 years ago

2. Don't your privacy shutter settings say "Open" or Closed" next to them, depending on the position of the switches?

Mine do.

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4 years ago

I am a new customer and noticed the same thing.  I have motion detector set to off, and only have "open" checked, under away.  Everytime home/away alarm is enabled/disabled, the shutter opens, and video is generated.

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4 years ago

Whether anyone likes it or not, I do, some don't, that's the way it works. Cameras make a recording when the system is armed or disarmed regardless of the privacy shutter settings.

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4 years ago

This is a safety feature, in case a criminal managed to unlock your system.

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4 years ago

I'm not sure what difference it makes if the camera shutters indicate open or closed when outs 3 or 7 am and someone who might not know your system makes a mistake.  Hey whoaru99, You're kind of an ass, honestly, if you don't get the privacy issues especially with the intrusions that security companies have had recently. And when I want to delete a video, I shouldn't have to go to the company to highlight the video and ASK their Permission to delete my own video that was shouldn't have been filmed in the first place.  Get a effing clue.

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Hey vegasusr,

You and others don't like the way it works? Fair enough, but that IS the way it works like it or not. Given SS typical response time to feature/function requests you can expect that to be changed around the 12th of Never.

I suggest if you're very concerned about breaches of privacy don't put video cameras in your house. The only 100% guarantee.

Guess if being real and honest makes me an asshole so be it. I'm not here to mollycoddle anyone.

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4 years ago

I agree with whoaru99 I like the built in safety feature of the automatic recording when system is activated or deactivated. Another layer of protection.
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