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Sunday, November 6th, 2022 7:25 PM

Unique Notification Sound for Video Doorbell Pro

I use a Samsung S22 phone with Android 12. I had a unique sound on my phone when someone approached the front door. Suddenly, yesterday, it changed to the standard (default) notification sound. I can't seem to change it back. How to do it please!

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2 years ago


Our app team might have changed the notification categories slightly. You can find the option under your OS Settings: Apps > SimpliSafe > Doorbell Ring. You should be able to change it back to your preferred tone.

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2 years ago

It seems like you left out some steps. The full path is settings>apps>Simplisafe>notifications>notification categories>doorbell ring. However, while the sound shown for doorbell ring is the unique sound I selected for someone approaching the front door, the sound I actually hear is my generic notification sound. Therefore, I need some additional support to correct this problem.  Thanks.

2 years ago

Put me down too, LG phone; it suddenly switched motion detect sound to default, doorbell ring seems fine.

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