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Thursday, February 13th, 2020 6:17 AM

Unable to Stream Video/Constant Disconnect

My indoor cameras just stopped working. Is this a known issue?? Or is this because I changed the picture quality to 1080p? I changed it back to 720p, and now they're working again.

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4 years ago

Was having the same issue with my indoor camera. Made sure the keypad was updated, the app was updated, the wifi was working and still nothing. Then I realized that unplugging the camera in and plugging it back in doesn't necessarily reset it fully. Here is the hard reset process (which re-installed the camera to the system) that worked for me:

-Unplug camera and plug it back in.
-Reset the camera by holding the button on the top for TEN seconds, then release it and the camera will reset once released.
-The camera light should come on as a solid yellow(may look light lime green-ish) followed by a flashing white light (might look light baby blue-ish) with audible cues to get started.
*While this was happening I had my app open, and it notified me about the camera installation process when it realized the camera was hard reset. Follow instructions on your phone, and it should re-install it just fine.

Opened up the app, and it worked! Hope this helps some of you and you don't need to go through the replacement process.

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4 years ago

I have long since updated my keypads and reset my cameras, and I am still having this same problem. It's actually worse now because some of the videos are incomplete when I download them. So I can't view them in the app or download them and view them.

Fortunately, I have a lot of other cameras so don't have to rely on this janky security system.
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