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Tuesday, July 12th, 2022 10:47 PM

starlink camera access

​Has anyone had success with linking their cameras up​

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9 months ago

Hi @swade6970 ,

Our cameras rely on rapid communication with the server, so internet connections with higher latency (such as satellite and cell) might not work very well. Are you saying that you already have a camera right now that you're trying to set up, or are you asking before you buy?

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I tried to install one of the standard indoor camera from another home.  It wouldn't connect.  The camera runs on 2.4 GH   

Starlink said it will support 2.4 or 5.  I was curious if others had any problems.

Thanks for replying 

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Right, if your access point supports the 2.4GHz band, then there should be no problem with connecting. The issue here is with that latency, which is just an issue with satellite internet in general.

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So what do we do for the camera to work with Starlink?

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@johnson5741​ As long as you are able to connect your system to the 2.4GHz network connection, your cameras and devices should set up on Starlink. Are you running into any issues during the setup process? 

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