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Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 9:58 PM

Solar powered Video Doorbell

So we have a few acres of space, and we just got a solar powered gate installed which is about 300 feet away from our home. We didn't want to trench out there to power the gate, and our installer suggested a video doorbell out there for guests to click. Originally I'd thought to power the Simplisafe Video Doorbell off the 24v gate accessory power port, but while Liftmaster wasn't going to void our warranty, they couldn't suggest that their batteries or solar panel would handle the demand of the doorbell. So after a bit of research here on power requirements for the Doorbell, and learning that the Doorbell supports 8 to 24 volt input, I realized I could do a solar setup with a small lead acid battery. So an order from Amazon later and a bit of effort with my wifi and I have a front gate video doorbell. With the gate being internet connected too, I can let delivery people in to drop off packages at the front door from anywhere I have 4G on my phone.

I just wanted to put my solution up here in case anyone else had similar requirements, you can solar/battery power the Doorbell.

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4 years ago

Good stuff!

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4 years ago

I like it!

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4 years ago

Okay that didn't work and this has been an odyssey. The doorbell required 8 to 24v AC... Not solar/battery based DC.

I attempted to run it via the micro-USB port, but no luck there either. It will operate for a few days and now it's shutdown and dead. Seems like the micro-USB port might supplement the battery power to run it longer, but I had it plugged into a 1000mA USB charger, so maybe that just wasn't enough? Someone else here on the forums tried the same and he said it would work again when the power was plugged into the AC input.

Having not found ANY good solution for powering the Video Doorbell via DC, I am on the verge of trying a second car DC-AC inverter, and then just plugging in an OhmKat. Yeah the existing one I have out there might be intolerant of voltage fluctuations that come from the solar charge controller.

All told this has been the most frustrating experience.

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4 years ago

OMG Good news today.

Yesterday I switched out the USB wall charger from 1000ma to a 2100ma unit and today my Doorbell is operating again. So assuming that your solar charge controller can output more than ~2000ma to the USB ports then you could potentially operate your Simplisafe Video Doorbell on DC power.

Further testing is still required, but I'll post again to confirm if I get an actual install working.

1 year ago

Hi Sean.  I am interested in setting up a similar solution.  When using micro usb the camera would not go on the provided bracket as that portion is blocked.  How did you mount the camera using micro usb?  

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