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Saturday, November 11th, 2023 5:56 PM

Smart Alarm Indoor Camera vs Dog Butt

The camera has twice now, while set to people only, triggered an alarm based on the dog’s butt. Is it Because, based upon what I can tell, only his back two legs and Tail are visible and two legs = human? Please assist so I can rest assured there won’t be future false alarms



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8 months ago

@prestochangeo1 No ifs, ands or butts (sorry, couldn't resist) is your dog is close enough to the camara and motion sensing is on, its going to start recording.  Same with insects right on the lens, or close to it.  

I have 3 SA cameras whose motion sensor capability is much, much better than the old Simplicams. When I had them I had motion sensors off and had a motion sensor in each room (and more rooms than that) to cover the same area and they were much more reliable. Suggest the same for your SA cameras; shut off motion and use separate motion sensors. BTW, the new Gen 2 motion sensors have a pet mode, and do a much better job not picking up pets.

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8 months ago

@prestochangeo1 As Captain11 said, if your dog is able to get close enough to your camera that only their back legs are visible in the frame, it could set off an alarm. When set to People Only, the camera will look for human-shaped objects, and it seems to be registering your dog's legs.

I would also try slightly adjusting the placement of your camera so your dog can't get as close to it. We recommend putting the camera on a surface that's 4 feet off the ground.

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