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Saturday, February 1st, 2020 7:31 AM

Sluggish, stuttering simplicam

I just installed a simplicam and recorded a couple of videos on it.  It is not recording most of the frames.  The picture keeps skipping and making me look like I'm moving very quickly.  I have a 1GB symetrical connection with a router about 10 feet away from the camera.

Is there anything I can do to fix this?  It is completely useless, the way it's functioning right now.



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4 years ago

Do a test on your UPLOAD speed.  You will need about 1.5M per camera to get the best video.

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4 years ago

938 Mbps/986 Mbps

I have a very fast internet connection.

Edit: Ok.  I installed both cameras and they are both showing the same issues.  There is nothing wrong with my internet connection.  Maybe it's a conflict with my router.

Unfortunately my router cost over $300 and I cannot eliminate that as the source of the trouble.  I guess that if I can get in touch with SS, I'll send them back.  Unless there's some setting on my router that I can fix.

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4 years ago

I just wanted to update.  When I watch the video thumbnail on my timeline view, it's when it skips a bunch of frames.  If I go into the actual video and watch it, it is mostly smooth.  It's fine for its purpose.

So the issue was basically just my not understanding how it was supposed to work.  I think that all's good.
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