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Tuesday, August 8th, 2023 3:17 AM

Siren doesn’t extend doorbell??!?

Language used online made it seem like the siren extends the doorbell chime. It looks like many are confused by this.

Our base station is on the second floor and we often don’t hear the doorbell chime so I bought sirens for the first and third floors. Once they arrived I realized they don’t extend the doorbell chime. 

I will be returning my sirens unless it’s added to the roadmap to enable them to chime on the doorbell. 

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10 months ago

Hi @Kholmes7979, 

At this time, the Entry Sensor does not sound when the Video Doorbell rings. Currently, it only makes a sound when an Entry Sensor is opened, or there is an alarm. I've converted your post from a question to a suggestion and submitted this idea to our dev team. An update will be provided in this thread when I hear back from them.

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