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Wednesday, January 19th, 2022 11:42 PM

Single Indoor Camera Disconnect

I have 5 SimpliCam and the doorbell. All but one camera stays connected. I have moved it next to the router and into other rooms with the same results. I have reset it and rejoined it. It has worked fine for years and randomly started having this issue. I have all the SimpliCams set to 480p.

Sometimes it connects fine and others it goes to a solid blue light and then yellow.

Any ideas? I am using an Xfinity Gateway. No firewall or security enabled on the gateway.

I have 800 Meg down and 20 Meg upload on my line. All the interior cameras are set to 480p, which according to the support side my bandwidth is well over the requirements. Camera is only a room over from the WiFi Router. Considering it is isolated to one camera... I feel like the camera is defective? 

As mentioned, moving it closer to the router does not work. The problem originally developed with it sitting next to the router on a shelf.

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2 years ago

Hi tek,


I agree, since moving to the same room doesn't seem to improve performance, interference/range might not be the culprit here.


Have you already tried a firmware reset? You can do that by holding the top button for 16 seconds. When you release, the camera will reboot back into setup mode, and you can use the SimpliSafe app to set it up again.

Resetting might take care of the issue if it's actually being caused by the firmware.


But yep, as the captain says, we'd suggest giving our Support team a call at 800-548-9508 so we can figure out further solutions.


By the way, you might have missed the good news. If you're on the Interactive Monitoring Plan, we've actually extended your equipment protection to the lifetime of your Monitoring Service. So it's no longer just 3 years!

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3 years ago

Could be something as simple as a defective device. I have 3 Simplicams and two were replaced for defective privacy guard springs (a known issue with early production models). Suggest you call SS, explain the issue and ask them to replace it under warranty.

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@captain11​ I bought them in 2018. I assume they are no longer covered under warranty?

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2 years ago

I have done a full reset twice and setup the camera again. I am on full monitoring. I will give the team a call. Thank you. 

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