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Saturday, April 14th, 2018 10:07 PM

simply safe camera and area

hello. i picked up a camera to use to remote monitor something i do at work.  so far it works great!  when the office is dark the IR light kicks in and i get a nice black and white image on my phone app! with sound!

my questions are:

1. i set up the camera twice, the first time it was a failed setup and shows now that i have two areas: area A and area B.  B is the second time i went through the initial setup and even named my camera and it works great!  my question is, how can i delete area A as i will never use this going forward

2. is there a way to _lower_ the resolution of the transmitted picture?  my thought on this is that i could use less bandwidth than 720p so it might help other processes that run on that particular network connection.  also when at home and using my phone, i wouldn't use as much download data.

3. i installed simply safe on my two year old tablet at home and i can't view the camera. it says either it can't connect or it's not visible. it's android. also when i pull up the website and sign on, it asks me to enable flash which i do, but i cannot view the camera. i click on Timeline and Cameras, then i enabled flash, then i get a giant PLAY button and READY TO VIEW LIVE and when i click that i get unable to load video retry or troubleshoot. this happens with my phone connected and viewing at the same time OR when the phone is dis-connected and not viewing.


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6 years ago

also just wanted to add a comment wow. so i'm at work and monitoring on my phone, the thing i am monitoring is right near my desk...

1. i waved my hand in front of the camera and it was literally 3 mins before i saw my hand shwo up on my phone screen
2. i placed an object in front of what i was monitoring and it was 3 to 4 mins before it showed up
3. i removed the object and have now logged on written this post and that object is still not showing as removed on my phone!

3-5 mins delay is that normal?!



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6 years ago

@s.grue.9 , no, 3-5 minute delay is not normal.  My (and 4 other systems, both SS2s and 3s) have a few seconds but not minutes.  Suggest you call SS to troubleshoot.
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