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Friday, December 16th, 2022 4:11 AM

SimpliSafe Pro Video Doorbell

After a month of buying and trying to make my SimpliSafe Pro Doorbell work and after burning through a SimpliSafe Doorbell, a Hampton Bay Wired 30VA Transformer, and a Newhouse Hardware Chimebase2 Door Bell Chime Mechanism Assembly at different times during the installation process. Finally, after several long conversations with the SimpliSafe technical department [totally worthless], I decided to start from the beginning. I read as many solutions to the many problems with this doorbell as possible.

Good news: I have installed the SimpliSafe Doorbell Pro, and it works. The doorbell chimes outside and inside through the SimpliSafe Base Station.

Here are all the components to make this nightmare of a doorbell work:

1 - SimpliSafe Doorbell Video Pro - from SimpliSafe

1- SimpliSafe Chime Connector - from SimpliSafe

1 - Hampton Bay Wired 30VA Transformer - From Home Depot $19.97

1 - Newhouse Hardware Chimebase2 Door Bell Chime Mechanism Assembly - From Amazon $17.99

I used a combination of the instructions to install from the Chime Connector, the transformer, and the mechanical chime mechanism; that is the only recommended way SimpliSafe instructs to install the doorbell.

Everything works as stated before, but the Chime is silent; the bell chimes on the outside doorbell and through the Base Station. I don't know if it is supposed to be quiet or if I messed something up in the wiring. But, again, the good news is that it works, and nothing has burned out.

If anyone has a better solution for this nightmare of a doorbell installation or other suggestions, please reply.

Thank you.


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