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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 7:54 PM

SimpliSafe Camera USB outlet instead of plug

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3 years ago

I've been running one of my cameras directly off a USB plug (that I have in some of my wall outlets) instead of using the wall adapter and have had no issues.

also- FWIW, I've been told (but am no expert) any time you attach two (or more) cables you run risk of additional resistance and possible issues.

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Eek! I guess we'll find out!!

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3 years ago

You'll be fine.  I've measured the current draw, and it's a maximum of 0.360 Amps.  That happens during active viewing in darkness (so the IR illuminator turns on).   At that current draw, you likely won't have any problem with both cables put together.  Test it:  If the camera works fine in all ways, you're good.



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3 years ago

The 3A rating is the MAXIMUM it an provide.  Actual draw is controlled by what you plug in.  In fact, it is a "law" (Ohms).

I (current) = E (voltage) / R (resistance)  = 5v / R  So the smaller the resistance (impedance) of the device, the greater the current draw.

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3 years ago

Thank you, everyone. I've had it running from the USB for 3 days and it's absolutely fine. Joined cable seems equally fine!
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