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Tuesday, July 24th, 2018 6:13 PM

SimpliSafe camera rotate view


We would like to mount a camera sideways.  Is there a way to rotate/change aspect?

Thank you

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6 years ago

Why would you want to?  How could you, as the stand only goes in one direction?

6 years ago

Yes. We used the 'stickies' to mount it on the inside and side of a 'half-rose window to capture our porch and sidewalk. We were having problems with knock-knock burglars in the neighborhood and the glass on our doors is wavy, so the camera wouldn't capture anything but a shadow. Now, we can see the entire porch very clearly. We used the stickies because we weren't sure we wanted to keep it there (the camera is black and the window casing is white, plus the cord is black hanging all the way down our lighter colored walls). We could have hung it upside down from the top if we had wanted...the stickies were strong enough to do the trick, which was our major concern. We then moved the camera, as it moves naturally on its stand, so we had a perfect view. Now, when viewing, the view is not adjusted portrait/landscape, but we simply turn our phone. And, if I download the video, I can edit it to rotate the view. As an FYI to the other poster, that's why you would want to - to deter and capture potential burglars. Please don't respond to others' posts if you don't know the answer; help everyone out as we are all in this together. Have a fabulous week!

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On the camera bracket, I pried off the little round covers, dug the black glue out to uncover the Phillips head screw, removed the screw, turned the rectangular part over, and reassembled the parts.  Image now right-side-up.
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