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Friday, November 26th, 2021 9:41 PM

Simplisafe App suggestion for Outdoor Camera

I recommend adding a feature to the simplisafe app for the outdoor camera that allows you set a schedule for on and off in addition to the full-time on or off function already included. I have another camera from a competitor that has this functionality built in.
It's great as I have it preset for activation at a certain time each night and deactivation at a specific time each morning.
Anyone else interested please provide your input.

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3 years ago

Do you mean literally turn the camera completely off? Or just turn off the motion alerts / notifications?

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Thanks for the reply.
To clarify: I am aware that you can turn the notifications and motion alerts on and off.
I am asking for a scheduling option to turn the camera on (with or without notifications/ motion alerts -user choice) and off at set times. As an example- I may want the camera off during the day but want it to come on at 10pm and shut off at 7am.
Right now i have to do this manually in the existing app.  One competitor already allows scheduling.

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This is also something I would use as I am manually turning notifications ON and OFF each day. Please add scheduling .....

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3 years ago

What happens if you don't have a camera... so that you don't require the "Interactive" subscription plan...

Well....you LOSE connectivity to Amazon...that's what happens

Extremely stupid policy....and smacks of money-grubbing !!! 

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2 years ago

Agreed. Scheduling cameras such that they effectively sleep during hours when either notifications/security are not required would be a battery saver, and would temper the amount of notifications that aren't security-related during "off" hours.  Scheduling of the cameras should be separate and distinct from alarm scheduling, although it might be preferable to allow arming the alarms to automatically turn on cameras for activity, independent of their schedule.


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1 year ago

Just Voting.  Definitely would like such a feature.

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1 month ago

I have two Simplisafe Outdoor cameras and five Arlo Pro cameras. I am able to create a schedule to control on-off times and thus extend the life of the Arlo batteries. I want to be able to do the same with my Simplisafe Outdoor cameras and wish I'd checked into this before buying them. 

My Arlo's are "on" from 9pm to 8am as I don't need them on during the daylight hours.

Simplisafe should offer such a service.

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@martyfaulkner​ thanks for the suggestion. We do have a  couple of pending Product Requests already, one for scheduling motion detection on Outdoor Cameras, and a simpler one to tie the Outdoor Camera's motion to the armed state of the security system. That latter one is already in active development. You'll want to chime in on these two threads to show your support, and follow to get future updates if either gets implemented!

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