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Wednesday, November 4th, 2020 7:50 PM

SimpliCam with Pets

I am wanting to set my alarm to Away when I leave, but I am concerned that my cat and large dog will set off the alarm with the motion sensors in the camera. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Hi @andimoore07,

First, we'd just like to mention that the motion sensor in the SimpliCam cannot trigger an alarm. If you do have a motion sensor for a SimpliSafe Security System, however, nothing can beat actually testing out if your pets trigger the motion sensors in a real-life scenario.

For a quick test, you can put your SimpliSafe System into Test Mode by going to the Keypad, pressing Menu, entering your Master PIN, and then selecting Test Mode from the Menu. While the system is in Test Mode, any sensor that is triggered will alert the base station which will announce which sensor was triggered.

For a more in-depth test, you can set any sensor you like to Secret Alert, and instead of triggering your alarm, would only post an event to your timeline as well as notify you if you have notifications set up under the Interactive Monitoring Plan. Testing it this way allows for you to actually leave your home and see if the motion sensors are triggered by your pets without having to worry about false alarms. Remember that if you do opt to test your sensors in this fashion, you'll want to remember to set the sensors back to Alarm after testing.

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4 years ago

I use my camera specifically to monitor my pet's activity and wellness when we're away, and it was useful for verifying that he was learning how to use a new pet door and whether it functioned properly.  Without the motion sensor, of course, that wouldn't work for us. You will be able to get notified whenever pets, family or intruders trigger the camera, if you want, but that alone won't set off an alarm.
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