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Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 3:14 AM

SimpliCam Through Window - day great, night nothing

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2 years ago

Hi stacr99,

The way that our SimpliCam works is that the Night Mode uses infrared - a certain kind of light that is outside of human vision. When the camera is active at night, you might even see the red LED lit up. It's light from that little LED that illuminates the scene, so even though the room would appear dark to us humans, the camera can still see objects in the room.

The problem with infrared is that it would have trouble passing through glass. That's why you see so much glare with your camera pointed out that window.

So yes, unfortunately the only solution here would be to use the Outdoor Kit, which you can find on our online catalog. The Kit does allow wall mounting just with adhesive - and there's an 'outdoor' variety of 3M's Command Strips that can help. So if you're comfortable with it, you might be able to do that installation on your own.

We are also developing a dedicated outdoor camera. We don't have any further info about it right now, but we do know that installing it would be similar in this case - someone would still need to mount it above the garage where you want it.


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2 years ago

Thank you for the reply Johnny.

The infrared makes sense, unfortunately.  
We'll need to look at what's involved with the outdoor installation, more importantly, getting the power cord to plug somewhere....

The dedicated outdoor camera would be good, perhaps if it's wireless, the power cord is what could make it difficult.

Thank you.

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2 years ago

If there is a yard or porch light you could put in a LED bulb so power consumption is minimal. Then, leave the light on and turn off night mode on the camera. Note however, motion detection does not work reliably through the window/through glass.

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2 years ago

Agree w whoaru99

Turn off the night vision on camera. You will not have the reflection on the glass now.
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