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Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 12:03 AM

SimpliCam - Recording and Privacy Shutter

Do I have to have a monitoring plan to allow the Record button to work in the App?

If my system is in Home mode and the Privacy shutter is supposedly closed, why can I view live video from the App and web?  I would think if the shutter is really closed that no video would be available to anyone.

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4 years ago

You are logged into the account/camera access and commanded a live view.

Are you suggesting that you, as the camera owner/account holder, should be blocked from being able to override the shutter when you command a live view of the camera?

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No, I was just concerned that the privacy shutter isn't as private as I'd like.  I might want privacy from a family member who has the credentials to logon via app or browser, and since the same logon can be used simultaneously from  multiple devices, there doesn't really appear to be privacy, short of unplugging the camera.

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You could set something in front of the cam to block the lens, or cover the cam with something. If you feel strongly enough to need it unplugged, maybe it's best to not have one at all since there is no other 100% guarantee.

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4 years ago

You cannot record without some type of paid for service. I believe it is included in the price of the monitoring service if your camera is connected to your base. You can also connect the camera solely via wifi (I use mine at a different location where I have no base) and get a recording service for $4.99/month, which can be stopped and started as needed, no contract. The camera will still be operable via the app, which does open the privacy shutter when you command it to view the camera, regardless of whether it is connected to your base.

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Thanks for the explanation of why the record button does nothing. Seems like that little bit of information should be in the booklet and/or the app and/or web.

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Did you have a problem on initial subscription with after hitting record it says communication unsuccessful?

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4 years ago

Why are most of the options in the sidebar of the account logon unavailable to me and have locks on them?


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4 years ago

Hi shopping_40,

Each of those options are only for accounts that have had a SimpliSafe system added to it. If you'd like to be able to adjust some settings on your system through your online account, click on the activate monitoring button near the bottom of the screen and follow the prompts from there. If you need any additional help, consider giving our Support Team a call at 1-800-297-1605.

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