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Sunday, July 11th, 2021 8:17 PM

simplesafe doorbell pro review

I saw nowhere on the website that this doorbell pro is not compatible with a digital doorbell!! So after installing it the doorbell constantly chimed! Support then sent me a chime connector that was supposed to solve the problem! So another week goes by and I receive the connector which requires me to go into my doorbell chime and connect wires! After trying that  they then tell me it's not compatible with a digital doorbell!! Yes I'm outraged frustrated and very very unsatisfied with the product!

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3 years ago

Very Very upset and unsatisfied with the doorbell pro.  Not compatible with digital doorbell!!



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3 years ago

@ amybethaste, being a loyal Simplisafe customer for over 9+ years, placing more than 30 systems to friends, family, neighbors etc Simplisafe is a very good, ethical company.  Now with that said....

@Simplisafe, she is upset and has every reason to be upset. Another instance of  "stealth marketing" that, simply (pun intended) is not acceptable.  This needs to be fixed Monday, tomorrow, the latest. How?
By putting the wording in your instruction manual and in the help center, on your marketing page on the site for this product. (Even use a * and use small print)

And I quote from your Help Center and Instruction Manual:

"The Video Doorbell Pro is designed to replace an existing wired doorbell. If your home does not have a wired doorbell, you will need to install wiring to use the Video Doorbell Pro."

"Before getting started, the Video Doorbell Pro is currently compatible with analog/mechanical doorbells. Compatibility with digital doorbells will be available at a future date."

Please get it fixed, asap. And take care of this customer. Holy ADT. :-(
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