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Tuesday, February 1st, 2022 12:43 PM

shutter sound

How do you turn off shutter sound of indoor camera?



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2 years ago

Actually, you can't.   When the camera was originally released, questions were raised about this and, unless I am mistaken, was designed that way.  You can then determine when the privacy guard is being opened for it to record. A workaround in my instance (works for me, maybe not for you) is to have the privacy guard open when the system is armed. A big advantage to that is the "pre-roll" feature that captures the 10 seconds prior to the normal start of the recording.  For us, we have 3 Simplicams that cover the entire first floor, motions in every room, with many "secondary" sensors (glass breaks etc) that when tripped will get footage of an intruder earlier than if the privacy guard is down.  We don't have to address privacy concerns as when the system is armed to home mode, we are on the 2nd floor in bed. Works great. Of course, when the system is armed away, the privacy guards are set to open also as no one is home.  Adding the doorbell cam and two outdoor cameras, we are pretty well covered and still have no privacy concerns with this setup.

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2 years ago

To add on to what the Captain has said, the shutter is actually a mechanical feature, so it's not a 'sound' that is being played through speakers, but the actual physical metal of the shutter snapping back. That's why there's no way to make it silent.

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