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Thursday, May 21st, 2020 9:44 PM

Set camera to alert me to motion even when system is "off"

Is there a way to set a camera to alert me when it detects motion, even when the system is set to "off"?

Specifically, when I'm in my home office, I want to know if/when one of my mischievous dogs ventures into a certain room. So I won't have the system armed. I just want an alert when Fido wanders where he's not supposed to be.

Any way to do this?


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4 years ago

Yes, but it is not trivial.  What you need to do is add a standard motion sensor covering the camera field of view, and set it to "secret alert".

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4 years ago

Can't you just set the shutter to open? My cameras in the garden alert me when there's motion and alarm is off.
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