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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 2:54 PM

Replacement SimpliCams due to bad over the air update



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3 years ago

@robato_kun, unfortunately, yes. One of my simplicams was bricked with an update and was replaced at nc by SS.  Lucky for me, it sits on a bookcase shelf in my living room as opposed to a high, inaccessible location.

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3 years ago

Seems odd they'd replace cameras that have not experienced any issues.

Does the email ask you to follow any links or to provide any sort of information in reply?

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@whoaru99, no information whatsoever. Here's the full email:
Dear Customer,

We are getting in touch to inform you of an issue with your SimpliCam(s) that can occur following the attempted installation of an over the air update from SimpliSafe that would render your camera unable to operate.

To address this issue, whether or not you've yet experienced any problems,  we will be sending you a replacement for each of your SimpliCam(s).

In order for us to process this replacement, please respond to this email and confirm the best delivery address or call the team on 0800 920 2420.

As described in the Set-Up Guide included with your camera and in the SimpliSafe App's Troubleshooting menu, your SimpliCam's indicator light, located on the front of the camera at the very top, tells you if it's operating properly. Please check your camera(s)' indicator light for the camera's operating status. If your camera shows any indicator light colour, besides a solid or flashing blue, for a prolonged period of time, you should stop using it and contact us. Always regularly check the indicator light to be sure your camera is operating normally.  

You can also login to the SimpliSafe App to check the status of your camera(s) and make sure they're functioning properly

Once you have confirmed your delivery address by replying to this email or calling us, we will then send the replacement out to you followed by an email to confirm dispatch. Please hold on to the plug/cord for your existing camera for use with the replacement camera you will receive.

Upon receiving your new SimpliCam:

   Open up the SimpliSafe app and navigate to the 'Camera' section.

   Click on the relevant camera. On the next page click the settings cog.

   Once there scroll to the bottom of the page and select 'remove camera'.

You can then move on to setting up your new camera:

   A plug and wire aren't included in your replacement, so simply remove the plug and wire from your existing camera and plug it into your new one.

   On your SimpliSafe app, navigate back to the 'Camera' section.

    Select 'Add new camera' and follow the instructions on screen. We have this handy video of how to do this.

   In the delivery with your new SimpliCam, you will receive a pre-paid Royal Mail returns label. Pack your old SimpliCam into the box your new one was sent, stick on the label and process the return at your local Post Office. Don't forget to keep the receipt with your tracking number.

   As a thank you for returning your old SimpliCam, we will add one month of the Pro Premium plan onto your account for free. We appreciate your assistance with returning the camera so SimpliSafe can conduct any further review that might be necessary.  

   If you're unable to arrange the return due to COVID-19, don't worry, just let us know and we'll make a note on your account that it will be returned post-lockdown.

We apologise again for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to rectify this as soon as possible and as soon as your replacement camera is shipped, you'll receive a confirmation email with the tracking information.

Kind regards,

Customer Support Team



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3 years ago

@whoaru99 mine was bricked by a firmware update, however, it was one of the first to ship, and most importantly, I had SS support on the line who told me what happened. Agree, if I got an email out of the blue, would call support to confirm.

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3 years ago

Just for the record, received 5 replacement cameras. Bit of a faffle to replace them as some were high up but nothing too complicated.

OLD cameras: Made in China. Firmware
NEW cameras: Made in Thailand. Firmware

With the older firmware in the replacement cameras, I get garbled outgoing audio from the cameras which is disappointment. Contacted support who said the new firmware will update by itself and should be "in a few days", though 2 weeks have now passed.

The OLD ones were still working fine so it's disappointing that I have to degrade the functionality of my system.
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