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Wednesday, January 27th, 2021 3:27 PM

Red tint to video, night vision wont turn on auto., recording issues


We are still having major issues with a replacement doorbell we received a few days ago. The video has a red tint in the morning, even before it's fully light out. It doesn't go away until I reset some random setting (usually I go with resolution). The video recording seems to drop frequently, and we often see an error message saying part of the recording was lost due to internet connection issues. The night vision no longer functions while set to Auto. We were sent a mesh extended before replacing the first doorbell, that didn't fix much. About a week ago our router was upgraded to a brand new router, with dual band, and greatly increased  speed.. Again, little has changed.

How on earth can this doorbell be so useless and frustrating? What can I do to fix any of this? We're about to send it back and cancel everything.

-The Mrs.

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2 years ago

Same issue. how often are we expected to keep unplugging and replugging in the cameras that continue to do this?

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Hi @ketchme​,

You shouldn't have to regularly reboot your camera in order for it to work. If the issue is persistent or comes back shortly after rebooting your camera, please reach out to our support team directly so they can look over replacement options. Their contact details can be found here

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