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Thursday, April 16th, 2020 1:29 PM

Reboot router camera and doorbell restart not working can't read barcode, time to switch?

I had to reboot my router.  I called to get my indoor cameras and doorbell reconnected.  Tried the unplug and replug, but did not work.  Had to try to get cameras to read the barcode.  It has been difficult to get the cameras to read the barcodes in the past, but after 2 hours, I'm giving up.  There has to be a better way to reconnect cameras.  I know there is, since it took less than 5 minutes to reconnect my outdoor ARLO.  Is anyone else having problems getting their Simplisafe cameras to read the barcodes?  I think it's time to switch to a system (I'm going to check out ARLO for Doorbell and wired indoor cameras).
Simplisafe should put a "customer friendly' installation and restart process in place for their cameras and doorbell)

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4 years ago

The cameras can read from some phones better than others.  Some people have had good luck printing the barcode and others have taken a screen shot of the barcode which lets you zoom in a bit.

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4 years ago

Just set up my camera 10 minutes ago and My solution: sreenshot your bar code and then face the screenshot to the camera and make it bigger. The camera just read it and everything is good now. After the camera read it, you need to wait for a while and maybe back forth a few times for the camera to connect with WIFI.
I had the same experience. the first camera did not read bar code, called simplisafe customer support, tried many times and then they shipped another camera. The same issue and could not get it work. Somehow, I start to doubt the bar code. Use my daughter's phone to read it, it is good. Then I somehow came up above idea and it works. Hopefully work for you!
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