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Monday, January 6th, 2020 11:45 PM

Range of IR and camera components?

Hi, I'm wondering how far away I could locate an external siren from the building/hub?

And also we have an external camera kit, how far could this be located and function over WiFi?

The building in question is a log cabin.

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5 years ago

Not sure about the cameras, but as for the siren and other SS3 components, the range is supposedly up to 1000 feet from base station.  Take into account outdoors/weather elements, interference (thick walls, brick/concrete/stone etc) and decrease in signal range with these elements.

Since the camera isn't intended for outdoor use, assume that inclement weather would of course, limit the functionality.  Hopefully others who have the cameras can chime in.

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Cheers. Sounds like even with all that taken into account we're talking quite a good range. Has anyone tested this, like how far they can use their key-fob, etc?

I'd guess WiFi for the camera is similar to all the other WiFi cams out there, which is OK without obstacles and terrible with them! We have the outdoor kit and are considering using it as a car-park camera for a car-park that is locked at night.
We haven't used our cameras at all yet to know how good they are.



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5 years ago

@Mister Boy I have tested the SS3 motion sensor and it has worked at over a range of 100' from the base, outside the house in my mailbox. Not practical location but the range is fine. I did not test the keyfob as it is collecting dust in my office drawer as we never us it, big users of the Android app on our phones.

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5 years ago

I have tested the keyfob and i can pull up in my driveway and push button and it works so i would guess 50 feet or so for the keyfob. I went out in the street and it did not work which was about 60+ feet. As far as the cameras i dont know as ours is in the house, i have a whole different setup for the outside.

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5 years ago

Many thanks for the real-world experiences :)
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