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Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 5:22 PM

Question for those who are using SimpliSafe Cameras as outdoor cameras?

I have SimpliSafe alarm system as well as Ring Doorbell so I have two choices when it comes to deciding which cameras I want to choose for my outdoor cameras.

My question is how good are the cameras with the weathering kit attached too it does it affect the video quality any?

How is the night vision video? Is it just as clear as in the house?

In your honest opinion would you recommend converting a few of my indoor cameras into outdoor cameras or wait until they release a dedicated outdoor cameras?

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4 years ago

I used to have problems with the outdoor kit creating light dots all over my videos - someone recommended cutting a small bit of the outdoor kit off which I did and 9 months on its been crystal Clear.

Just make sure your wifi is good enough where you will put it.

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How did you remedy the bubble problem.  Mine is so bad that the picture/video is useless. Thanks Dave

4 years ago

We have one camera installed outside with the outdoor kit. I wasn't impressed with the outdoor kit, but it serves a purpose.

The instructions for installing outside I found to be rather restrictive, out of sunlight and out of weather. I thought the purpose of the outdoor kit was to resist those aspects...

The effective range of night sight isn't quite as far as I'd like it to be, however the overall picture quality (including in night sight) is phenomenal.

All things considered, it's better (and cheaper) than most other systems, and easy to set up and install. It should be noted it's essential to be sure you have a power source (standard household outlet) nearby and a strong wifi signal or booster.



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4 years ago

The purpose of the outdoor kit is to protect from moisture.  It's a half a**ed solution.

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4 years ago

nyms.dave I had the answer to this but it has escaped me. I done it to my outdoor camera and it worked a treat since doing it.  I will have a look at it tomorrow (its 10.00pm in Scotland and pitch black) and will let you know.
One year on and its been perfect since.  

EDIT - Went out with a torch -  I trimmed the rubber back SLIGHTLY round the lens. that is what fixes it
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