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Sunday, February 26th, 2023 11:15 PM

Person parks in driveway, walks around the house and camera missed all of it

It recorded his car leaving the driveway, how does 3 outdoor cameras miss everything???? I have KUNA cameras for my outdoor lights, they capture everything going on, my $189.00 SimpliSafe cameras are useless, I have Comcast 1gig, an an Orbi 750 WiFi6 AP and network checks out fine, very low latency.

Also, the outdoor cameras are hardwired with power, you'd think their profile would push for faster response times since battery life isn't as important. I am very dissatisfied with these cameras.



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1 year ago

@NordicPC sounds like a possible camera setting. I have two outdoor cameras, one in the front over the garage and one in the back  pointing to the outdoor patio and family room french doors. Agreed, the cameras take too long to go from wake up to live streaming (improving) but mine record motion fine. WIFI 6 is not a factor as the camers use 2.4 only. Have you used the Connection Check tool to see the signal strength and upload speeds.? If not, you may want to start with that. If all checks out, I would call support. Also, remember, you have 60 days to return them for a full refund.


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It's not how long it take to stream although that is another complaint, it literally didn't record anything as he walked around the house. Last summer they missed the guy painting my house, completely. My KUNA cameras, work as advertised. I have a VERY fast low latency WiFi network, let's say the garage camera missed him walking around, the back yard camera did as well, not a single recording except from my KUNA cams.

There isn't much to set for the cameras, I have them now set to high sensitivity because they are both plugged into an outlet for power. The network check tool is very happy with the network, I have 1000/50.

I have had this system for a year, but due to flooding we have not been in the house for 8 months so I rely on recordings and thought things were okay because crap recordings like cars going by, people walking by all get captured, right away by KUNA several seconds later by SimpliSafe which bothers the heck out of me but they were at least working. How they once in a while miss EVERYTHING when somebody walks around the house is mind boggling. This is not a viable system with cameras behaving this way, we should be able to set the cameras to record sooner and I know I'm not alone in this.

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