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Tuesday, June 14th, 2022 6:36 PM

Partially helpful info... (Camera Not Responding - but WHICH camera).

I have a SS system with 6 outdoor and one indoor camera. Often when I alarm the system, SS Sally will very politely provide the warning "camera is offline", but she never tells me which one. Seems to me, that if the system can recognize a camera is offline, it should also be able to identify it. When I open my app to determine which camera it may be (it defaults to the 'cameras' tab since that is usually the last view), there is no indiction any of the cameras is offline. But if I switch to overview and swipe down to check on the status it will tell me '2 Devices not responding', then I click on 'Learn more' and there is only one device offline (not two) but it identify the camera. When I subsequently switch BACK to camera view, then it will have the 'Offline' badge on that camera. Am I missing something? What is the most direct way to tell which camera is causing the problem?

Usually on 'Retry' (once or twice), said camera comes back on and when I test it the signal is always good. Two minutes later, however, it may be off-line again. Anyone else experiencing the same or similar?



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2 years ago

@EMHOK wow, six outdoor cameras.  I only have 2, but 3 simplicams and a doorbell pro.  With the outdoor cameras, which seem not to be as good as the others connecting, did go offline a lot when I first installed them. I used the speedtest by Ookla app to see the wifi strength and speed where they were (front of garage and back of the garage (attached) and found it did not meet the minimum speed and upload set by SS.  Added a 3rd point to my 2 point and 1 router Google WIFI system and from then on, all aok.  The new point is in our master bedroom which is almost directly between the two cameras. 

When the SS phone app was finally updated to include the connection check tool, I used it on both cameras and found the connection speed was only "fair" but the upload speed was "good".  You may want to try the connection tool for each of your outside cameras and see what the results tell you.  Adjusting your wifi may help.  

For SS, the outdoor cameras still take too long to load and live stream, please figure out a way to have them turn on as quick as the doorbell pro or simplicam when connected to AC or solar panel. Thanks!

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@captain11​ Thanks, Captain. I appreciate your input. I omitted much of the troubleshooting I've done to keep the post from being too lengthy. I have checked the connection tool for the 'suspected' camera(s) (since I am unsure which one - sometimes none are indicated in the 'Learn More' option after performing a status check immediately after receiving the spoken warning) and each time have gotten nothing but Good signal strengths (last one I remember was -47 dbm) and upload speeds (last one being 16 Mbps). The Upload speed is less than at the router (but even then, our ISP limits it at 30 Mbps even with gigbit (cough, "blast"))  download packages, but still - it always checks out 'Good'. (I suspect it is the one outdoor camera I am using indoors on battery to keep from needing to plug it in (battery is never the cause as I have a spare and swap them out as soon as one goes low), but can't understand why that would be since it is the outdoor camera closest to any access point and no exterior walls (<40' from either of 2 with only one interior wall in between each).

That is why I was hoping to find a better way to identify the offending camera. I really wish SS would just add that to the voice warning to eliminate any confusion about which camera on which to spend the troubleshooting time.

I do agree with your comment about the delay in loading, but must say, I do like the image that do once it comes up.



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