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Friday, May 22nd, 2020 12:09 AM

Outside camera doesn't work at night

We have 2 cameras, one inside and one outside using the outdoor camera kit. The indoor one works great even in pitch darkness but the outside one is terrible at night, but just fine during the day.

It looks like dirt on the lens or condensation but simplisafe sent a new camera today and it makes no difference at all, it's unusable.

The weather here is warm and dry, outside is not really any cooler than inside.

Can anyone think of any technical or dumb reasons... Interference, I dunno?

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4 years ago

Trying to share a photo...


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4 years ago

I'd posta link to a photo but it keeps being flagged as spam

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4 years ago

Does it look like little circles? If so, there're posts on here reporting similar. Believe it's the outdoor case. Try removing it one night (in good weather) and see if it's ok.

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4 years ago

Could be IR reflections from the outdoor sleeve, or IR reflections from bugs or particles blowing around in the wind.

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3 years ago

I recently ordered a system for my mother in law and took advantage of the Fed Ex 3-5 business day delivery that is free. Buyer beware, the 3-5 business days in this case is false. The system shipped on Monday 9/28/2020 and has been sitting in Black River Falls, WI since 9/30/2020 with a delivery date of 10/7/2020. I was unable to contact a "real' person by phone at Fed Ex so this morning I went to the local FedEx shipping center and a very helpful employee told me about the FedEx Smart Post that has FedEx turning the SimpliSafe package to the U S Post Office for delivery and the 3-5 business day delivery appears to be void at this time. The FedEx employee said the best way to ship unless you need it overnight is FedEx ground. You'll have to pay for it but FedEx controls it 100% of the time. Normally this delay wouldn't be a problem but due to a death in the family waiting on this delivery has become an issue. Simplisafe personnel did what they could to help me but once FedEx received the shipment it was too late. Hopefully Simplisafe will put a disclaimer on the FedEx 3-5 business day delivery claim on the shipping option section of their website along with information on the FedEx SmartPost.
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