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Thursday, July 6th, 2023 10:34 AM

Outdoor cameras, battery life

I have 2 cameras one of the cameras. The battery lasts about a week fully charged another one seems to last a lot longer maybe a month I’m not really sure.



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1 year ago

@johndisciullo given what settings you use, I found the batteries to last about six weeks on my two outdoor cameras. Planned from the start to use AC and prior to winter drilled holes through the soffeit and ran the SS AC adapter cord through the attic for both the front and back cameras. They have worked well. I should note the new LifeGuard camera batteries actually last the advertised claim of 2 months, but once tested, tney too are on AC.  

Don't forget SS also offers a solar panel option for the outdoor cameras.

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1 year ago

Hi @johndisciullo, 

The Outdoor Camera's battery has a life expectancy of about 3-6 months, but the battery life may differ depending on the camera's settings and how much motion it is recording in any given day. In your specific case, is the camera that is only lasting a week in a more high-traffic area than the other? If the camera is triggering all the time, it can cause the battery to drain faster.

There are also different settings for the Outdoor Camera that can be adjusted to improve the life of its battery. This Help Center article will walk you through the steps to maximize the life of the Outdoor Camera's battery. Also, as Captain suggested, we offer Solar Panels and AC power cables to keep your battery charged at all times. You can learn more about these products over on our website.

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