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Monday, May 23rd, 2022 3:26 AM

Outdoor Cameras and All Devices

After updating the door locks, all of the devices and both outdoor cameras were removed from the system.  The doorbell cam and the indoor cam are still connected to the app, but now my outdoor cameras are not on the app.  They both have blinking blue lights meaning it is recording, but not getting any notification and they are not showing as connected in the app.  I have tried pulling the battery and tried to hard reset the camera, but when it gets all put back together it just goes back to either steady blue or blinking blue because it detects motion.  Adding the devices back is a pain, but should work easy enough.  I am more worried I can't reset my outdoor cameras to be able to add them back to my app for monitoring.  

Edit:  After trying to hard reset the camera for the 4th or 5th time, it finally reset, and was able to add it back.  I am more concerned that after the update, everything was wiped from my keypad and app with the exception of the two cameras mentioned above.



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2 years ago

@boomercrbn I have only 1 lock, where your post I believe says multiple and that is a key difference.  I updated my  lock when it came out earlier this year, have two outdoor cameras, doorbell pro and three simplicams, and all were fine. For comparative purposes, I have Android app and Google WIFI.  I would definitely call SS support to report this issue directly and see what they say. (I would believe the agent will not have an answer for you initially and will have to refer to engineering for  investigation and a response.

Please post your outcome here when you get a chance.

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2 years ago

Hi @boomercrbn,

It sounds like during the update process, your Base Station's memory was accidentally cleared (the Indoor Camera and Video Doorbell Pro don't need to be registered to the Base Station, which is why they were unaffected). Sorry about that! It shouldn't happen again, but if it does, let us know. We would want to replace your Base Station right away.

Glad to hear that you figured out how to hard reset the cameras. It should just be holding the button in the back for 16 seconds. When you release, they should reboot and go into setup mode.

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