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Thursday, December 23rd, 2021 2:58 AM

Outdoor camera

​The motion sensor on my outdoor camera keeps getting tripped by air. I’ve held the button down for twenty seconds and did the whole pairing over. My guess is it’s a faulty camera and probably needs to be replaced. ​

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1 year ago

Hi wgrooms3,

What else is in view? If you have the camera set to People Only, it might still pick up on objects that seem people-shaped. If you're comfortable with sharing video or images from your recording here, we might be able to figure it out.

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1 year ago

My outdoor camera did something similar recently. It also happened on my doorbell camera (that I have had for years). Both times, they were triggered by a legitimate activity, but then kept sending notifications when nothing was there. I changed the sensitivity settings from medium to low, saved it, then waited a few minutes and change it back to medium and that stopped it. 

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@stevenkb68 Thank you for the response. I tried lowering the sensitivity as well. I even turned it off for a few days then back on.  It’s now been off for over a week now. Im about to turn it back on and see what it does. 

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@stevenkb68 still tripping over nothing.

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