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Wednesday, July 29th, 2020 9:52 PM

Outdoor camera

Is there an outdoor camera.  or do I have to add ARLO

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3 years ago

I am beyond disappointed with SS. I've been a customer for over a year with the expectation of an outdoor camera. The "soon' answer is a borderline insult at this point. We've all seen the 2018 CES model, still no idea why it cannot go into production and be made available. Please not that when I was speaking with sales, they had no idea that the company had actually unveiled a product that was to never become available. The outdoor kit was a complete waste of money. The indoor camera performs poorly at best when used outside.
I am now actively looking for a new system, given that nearly ALL other competitors are offering that option. I also make sure I spread the word about the company's shortcomings and suggesting they don't waste their time and money like I did.

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3 years ago

I ordered the outdoor adapter of the (indoor) camera and it's been backordered since December 29, 2020.  When will it be available, or replaced with a true outdoor camera?

3 years ago

I am also switching to Ring.

SimpliSafe's tech, integration and app are ahead of the curve in my opinion. However, their camera hardware and software are ancient and virtually useless.

Yesterday was my breaking point.

Me neighbors ring camera caught suspicious activity around my house. My 3 SimpliSafe cameras (all set to high sensitivity for motion) didn't even trigger. Without my neighbor informing me, my wife and I would never have known this man was lurking around our house. Not acceptable when I'm not home and my pregnant wife and 15 month old baby is. At $100 per camera and $28 per month subscription - what am I paying for it the cameras can't capture this in broad daylight.

The ring video was clearer, wider prospective, triggered early and recorded the entire event with no lag in upload time.

Recommendation to SimpliSafe. Take the millions you spend on customer acquisition and spend it on customer retention. Upgrade your Camera hardware before the competitors leave you in the dust.


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3 years ago

I have enjoyed SimpliSafe, but this has gotten ridiculous. The only reason SimpliSafe hasn't seen a mass exodus of customers is because of the upfront equipment costs of other security solutions. SimpliSafe knows that most customers won't change because it is so costly to change. As such, SimpliSafe has taken advantage of its customers. Let's me honest, the SimpliSafe camera is not worth $100. I just purchased a $50 outdoor, battery-powered Wyze cam that is 100ft from my house (it watches my deer feeder) that has a better picture and less clicking noises than my wired SimpliSafe camera. Given that, I think we must accept that even if SimpliSafe does release an outdoor camera, it will like be an under performing, overpriced option like it's current camera (I'd be surprised if it was less than $200.

In short, SimpliSafe has skated on its past success and has enjoyed the preservation of its market-share due to the high cost of switching to another provider. With options like Ring and Wyze (Wyze is not only the best budget option, but I will reiterate that its cameras are better quality and the company is constantly innovating) I believe that SimpliSafe's best days are behind it. I will be switching once I do some research on the beat alternative. I'll be selling my equipment to recoup as much of the cost as possible.

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3 years ago


We totally understand where you're coming from. Our outdoor cam has been very long in the making, and we're just as eager to see it FINALLY out in the wild.

And yep, there's plenty of other very compelling offerings from other companies that we've been keeping an eye on, too. On top of a host of fantastic new features, our camera development has been focused on what makes SimpliSafe a great choice in the first place, like tight integration with a complete home security solution. The other big priority is ironclad security and strong privacy protections.

Again, we hear you. I really think we've got something special on the way, and can't want for you to see it.

- Johnny M.
SimpliSafe Home Security
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