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Friday, January 6th, 2023 2:59 PM

Outdoor Camera Spotlight only comes on for 2 seconds

My outdoor camera light comes on for only 2 seconds at night when I approach it. Isn't it supposed to stay on until it is not viewing anyone? Is there not a minimum of time it should go on when signaled? And why only sensing 8 ft away?

This is a brand-new camera as of 12/22 and also, I am in self-monitoring mode for now (does that make a difference) Thanks in advance

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2 years ago

Hi @sanmechted ,

The expected behavior when in Night Vision mode is this:

  1. The built-in Motion Sensor is triggered.
  2. The Spotlight activates, so that Intelligent Motion Detection can look for valid triggers. If People Only detection is enabled, the camera AI is looking specifically for people-shaped objects.
  3. If there ISN'T valid trigger, the camera goes back to sleep. If there IS a valid trigger, a signal is sent to the Monitoring Service - notifying the user.
  4. If Recordings are enabled on the account, the Camera will stay on and start recording, and the spotlight and recording will stay on until no more valid subjects are detected. If recordings aren't enabled, the spotlight just turns off again.

Of course, if you decide to livestream, the spotlight will stay on for as long as you have the stream active.

It's important to know that the Spotlight is primarily there to aid in the color night vision. So it's not quite like a floodlight for lighting a certain area at night. That's why it shuts off when the camera no longer needs it.

Also, the initial step with the built-in motion sensor depends on infrared - i.e. it looks for sources of heat moving around the scene. It doesn't quite have the same range as the actual main camera, and can vary depending on the environment. But you can change the sensitivity in the Camera Settings.


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