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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022 9:07 PM

Outdoor camera, seems to not be working properly, missing time


I just got 2 outdoor cameras, have them setup, latest firmware updates etc, everything appears to be working fine... however during my tests I feel like I'm missing video.  I've tested both within 15 feet of the base station and out to ~40 feet of the base station with no differences.

For example; i know the boundaries of what the camera can see, and I've tested walking into that boundary multiple times (from each direction, left, right and straight on approach), all of which towards the camera and then I spin around and go the opposite direction.

the problem is that when I review the footage, all I see is the footage of me right below the camera and turning around and leaving, about 60% of the time its the walking away portion only missing the "face".

Does anyone else experience this? Is there a setting I need to adjust? I can't see to find anything, i'm either missing video completely or there is some lag here from when motion is detected and video capture begins?




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1 year ago

@coffeeworks I have two cameras and yes, there is a slight recording delay, but I have not experienced it to a degree you have.   Simplisafe is keenly aware of the issue and is working to resolve it and make the outdoor camera operate as well, if not better, than  the indoor camera. That said, you should use the recently released connection tool to see if your signal strength and speed meets SS's minimum specs.  If they don't you may want to consider an extender, of i you have a mesh system, another point and or repositioning them.

You can still call SS to troubleshoot.

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1 year ago

how long is your delay captain11?

Yes i've already used that connection tool and I am well beyond the minimum specs for connectivity speed etc.

See my original post regarding the tests with and without extenders and distance to wifi....

So what is the issue that is being resolved by simplisafe?

Does anyone else experience this or have any suggestions?



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@coffeeworks​ Simplisafe is working on making the cameras faster and, as mine are both connected to AC, the ability of the cameras to bypass waking up from the battery mode and just go to live streaming. Again, this is still being looked at but would make the outdoor cams start live streaming like the Simplicams in about 2 seconds.  As far as my two outdoor cams, it is usually about 8 seconds from wake up to live streaming. Doesn't sound long, but it is while you are watching the circle animation waiting for the live stream.  Please note sometimes it is longer but most of the time, around 8 seconds.

Update: I just timed my two outdoor cameras, front yard was 10 seconds, backyard 6 seconds.  Note these are approximate using my second hand on my watch and using my desktop to log into my account at their website in this instance.  No explanation why the disparity between the two.


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ugh... great. yeah its pretty horrible then for you as well....

so question is, if this is just how it is... how long till a fix?!

i mean it seems sort of worthless to me that I don't consistently see someone's face who approaches my house!!



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@coffeeworks The hope is the outdoor cams' performance will match that of the simplicam and doorbell pro. Both are very responsive in my experience but I have no clue how quickly SS will improve the outdoor camera.

SS, care to post a response?

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Our outdoor camera is missing approximately 10 seconds or more of video footage at the beginning of every event. After a year of monthly payments and costly hardware, is SimpliSafe liable for not providing the service it claimed it would provide?

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@cbclarke what are the settings you have for each camera?

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10 months ago

These outdoor cameras are unreliable and would not recommend them to anyone. Simplisafe should have waited until the design was proven rather dmdeceiving customers

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@jrcbrit​ I'm sorry to hear that you haven't had the best experience. Our engineering team is hard at work on improving the Outdoor Camera. Firmware 1.10 that was released recently made some big strides in terms of performance, but the work continues.

In the meantime, there are a lot of ways to improve performance with the right setup. If you haven't already, we strongly recommend giving our Support team a call at 800-548-9508 and we'll take you through the steps.

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