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Friday, March 8th, 2024 2:10 PM

Outdoor camera records only 17-20 seconds

We have 3 outdoor cameras all set to record any motion. Not one of them records longer than 20 seconds even though the motion is on going. My car was hit & the camera missed the entire event. What am I paying for??? A security system????? Not hardly. 

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1 month ago

Hi @jasonhurd25, 

I am terribly sorry to hear about this. When the Outdoor Camera stops recording motion after a few seconds, it usually means that the camera is having a problem maintaining a consistent Wi-Fi connection.

I've escalated your case to our Specialist team. A Senior Specialist will reach out to you soon to make sure you're taken care of, so keep an ear out for their call.

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@emily_s​ received an email from the CEO's assistant and replied and asked for a  call back a week ago. Never received a return call. We have other cameras that have no issues with wifi yet our simplisafe cam only records for 17-20 seconds. Our Ring floodlight cam has no connectivity issues and is in close proximity to the simplisafe camera and records with no issues. None of the 3 simplisafe outdoor cams have never recorded longer than 20 seconds. 

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