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Sunday, October 17th, 2021 9:40 PM

outdoor camera kit

So I got one because I had an extra indoor camera.... I got exactly to step 1, which says to "Pull the adapter sleeve over the wall adapter and plug it into the outlet. Well, my wall adapter has the USB on the opposite side of the plug. The sleeve looks like the USB should be on top of the adapter, otherwise the plug will stick out of the sleeve. Also it sounds like I'm supposed to pull the sleeve over the entire adaptor, but i can't have the cable plugged into the adaptor since the adaptor is too big. Am I missing something entirely? I feel like... duh.

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3 years ago

Hi wvbibi,

Before we get started, will this adapter be plugged indoors, or outdoors? If it's going to be indoors (e.g. if only the camera is going to be outside, or if you're installing the whole thing inside), then you don't need that protective cover.

It's a bit tricky to figure this out over text. But the cover for the power adapter kind of looks like a flattened cube with a piece hanging off of it. That hanging off part is where the USB cable would go in.
But before that, you want to insert the power adapter through the big opening, USB-side first. You should end up with the prongs sticking out.

- Davey D.
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