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Friday, November 24th, 2023 7:00 PM


Outdoor camera keeps saying offline

I have an outdoor camera that keeps sayings its offline even though the connection test states good signal (not fair) and sufficient bandwidth. Even when the message is there I can always connect to the camera and see the video with the normal startup delay. `

Right after I finish watching a live stream the camera states offline. Clearly its not offline since I have no issue connecting to it.

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"Camera offline" error in app and keypad despite live stream and recordings working as expected

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8 months ago

Hi @les101 ,

Glad to hear that a reset worked for you. That's what I would have suggested. It sounds like the issue was that the camera was not correctly syncing with either the app or the Base Station. If you see this again, let us know and we'll take it to our engineering team.

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6 months ago

I have the exact same issue happening on two different cameras.  I have a mesh WiFi network and used the cameras originally with two mesh nodes no more than 15 feet line of sight from each camera.  I then purchased two different brand range extenders and used them on a different WiFi network.  Same issue.  I can connect on demand without issue.  Both cameras have good signal strengths and throughput.  They detect motion and report the motion event as expected.  Still, the app shows off line just like les101 reports above.  I'm an embedded systems engineer and this sounds like a firmware issue to me, either in the cameras or in the base station.  I cannot believe that we are the only ones having this issue.

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@mdehrnsb​ where are those cameras located? Presumably outside of the house?

One important thing to note is that while the camera feed goes through your home's WiFi, they also need to link with your Base Station. It's possible that the issue here is that the signal to the _Base Station_ is being blocked.

I would suggest testing just one camera by moving it temporarily into the same room as the Base Station. If the incorrect "offline" status goes away, then we know that my theory is correct. Then maybe you'll want to move the Base Station closer, or just in a different spot where it might have a better time linking with those cameras.

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