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Friday, February 24th, 2023 1:28 AM


Outdoor Camera firmware 1.12 brings back the dreaded "record every 3 minutes" bug

Lots of people complained here about a common bug with the outdoor SimpliSafe cameras.  It would get into a loop where it detected motion constantly, giving you notifications every 2-3 minutes, when there was no motion.  I was about ready to cancel my service when firmware version 1.10 came out, and it fixed the problem.  Great.

Well, now I have 1.12.  There aren't even official patch notes for this version - these forums claim that 1.10 is the "latest".  And... the problem is back.  My camera is giving me false notifications every 2-3 minutes again, and the battery will be dead by morning.  I called customer service.  They have no knowledge that anyone has ever encountered this problem.  They also can't revert me back to the "latest" 1.10.

They told me to go to the forums to look for a fix.  So here I am.  I highly doubt this will fix my problem, but at least I can warn others about how terrible these cameras are.

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KNOWN ISSUE: Outdoor Camera recording every 3 minutes at night

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1 year ago

Hi @steves, 

Our devs are currently working on a solution to this issue. I've forwarded your case to our engineers so they can look into it further.

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