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Tuesday, October 19th, 2021 9:06 PM

Outdoor Camera disrupting internet for entire house

I have had the SimplieSafe Outdoor camera for around a month now, and have been having an unusual problem where the internet drops the connection for the whole house whenever the camera has the battery installed. The internet connection drops for 20-60 seconds at a time, and then comes back online. This repeats a minimum of 10-15 times throughout the day. The internet goes out completely for all devices including tv's streaming content, cat5 connected computers, WiFi connected tablets, etc. When I remove the battery from the camera, the problem stops. I have no idea what is happening, and neither does my internet provider or IT company from my office.

The camera sits outside about 15 feet from my base station. The signal has to pass through a plaster interior wall, and a brick exterior wall, and the camera generally has poor connectivity. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I don't want to return the cameras, but if there is no solution to this, I may need to.




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3 years ago

@gregorytporter i have two outdoor cameras, one in the back corner of the house, one directly opposite on the front corner of the house and a Google WiFi mesh point almost direclty in the middle.  There is no inteference. I should add that the front camera is on AC adapter and the back is, at least for now, on battery.

When I do have drops (brief ones) I have confirmed with neighbors on logs we keep we all get them coutesy of our frinedly AT&T Uverse connections. I apologize for not properly following your post if I missed something, but is your internet cabled or a fixed wireless such as Verizon 5G broadband. They have reported a significant bug in their service causing outages and are working right now to address it.

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Hi Captain11,

I have a wired Verizon Fios gigabit connection. our computers are connected via wired connect, but everything else in the home is connected through 2.4 GHz wifi. The issue with internet dropping only occurs when the SimpliSafe camera is turned on. I take the battery out, and I no longer have issues with the internet. I was thinking about getting a WiFi extender or a powerline adapter to see if that would correct the issue, but haven't committed to either yet.

I tried calling customer service, but they are not trained for these sort of issues. They only offered to walk through the process of disconnecting and reconnecting the camera with me, which I had already done. I am going to try to send a message and see if I can get it my problem in front of someone that is more technically proficient in these matters, to see if they have come across this issue before.

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I would advise sending them back. Customer service was really great about me sending back almost 1000 dollars worth of cameras and accessories during the 60 day return window. They didn't hassle me about why I was sending them back either. Experience so far with these cameras has been by far the worst I have ever had. For instance right now the 3 that I have left to take down I cannot even get any video off of them, even when they send an alert for motion, and the live view just freezes.

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3 years ago

Hi gregorytporter,

I can confirm that our engineers are aware of this extremely rare issue, and we're going to come out with a fix soon. In the meantime, a reset of the camera (by holding the pairing button in the back for sixteen seconds) might help. That will force your system to unpair the camera, and you can set it up again via the SimpliSafe app.

- Davey D.
Community Development Manager
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