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Wednesday, December 21st, 2022 2:02 AM

Outdoor Camera Battery percentage?

The battery percentage on the outdoor camera in my back backyard, is constantly changing.  The strange thing is that one minute it can display as being at 43 percent, then I refresh the app, and it drops to 23 percent, refresh again, and it’s at 38 percent?  I should point out that I have connected to the solar panel and I definitely get a few hours worth of light back there every day, depending on the weather.  Also, when I connected the solar panel, I made sure the battery was at 100 percent.  

I have a second camera and solar panel mounted in the front of the house, and that one has worked just fine and typically stays on or around 100 percent.  Both solar panels do display as charging throughout the day so they appear to be working just fine.  Against my better judgement, I’ve ordered a spare battery and will give the a try.  Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue with your batteries? I’ll try and post a few pics as an update. 

Happy holidays everyone.

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1 year ago

Hi @dchico627 

How quickly are you refreshing the app? It is possible that the initial number being presented is cached, and upon refresh you are seeing the true value. The value itself should be rather steady, and shouldn't change drastically like the behavior you're reporting. 

I'd be curious to see if the spare battery resolves this issue. It seems plausible that the battery itself could not be functioning, or something else might be going on. Let me know the results!

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1 year ago

Hi Alexandria_c, and thanks for the quick response.  Since I first noticed the issue, I have been checking periodically throughout the day and sometimes at night.  Typically within a hour or two, sometimes longer.  As of this reply, it’s showing 21 percent and charging via the solar panel.  I have the replacement batter charging as we speak and will follow up with an update.  Thanks again!

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