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Friday, May 8th, 2020 12:01 AM

Need to come out with alternative doorbell

I know this is probably not a big concern to most of the costumers, but I am unable to sync my entire home with SimpliSafe technology as my home did not come with a pre existing doorbell, therefore I cannot install the doorbell pro. A suggestion would be to come up with an alternative which would allow you to be able to sync without having to direct wire into home.

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4 years ago

It has nothing to do with "synching" the camera.  All that needs is a good Wi-Fi signal.  The camera comes with a doorbell BUTTON, which activates your EXISTING doorbell system (but not all doorbell systems, sadly).  If you don't have a doorbell system,(or the right kind of doorbell system), you can add one, or you can add just a doorbell power supply.  SS recently announced an update to have the base go "ding dong" when the button is pushed, but I  have not heard if and how well this is working yet.

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4 years ago

@seven i just did the firmware update the other day and it wasn't working so i called and they said i had to update the app on my phone and it will be in there u der settings for the doorbell and sure enough it was and it works great, well so far lol
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