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Sunday, November 13th, 2022 3:17 PM

Mute/Silence Doorbell

Unless I’m just overlooking it, I don’t see a way to mute/silence the doorbell. I switched from the Nest Hello and this was a feature of their system. 

For example, if I put my baby down for a nap, with the Nest Hello I could turn off the doorbell chime via the Nest app (a standard doorbell chime), so that when the button was pressed no voltage was sent to the chime. I would still be notified someone is at the door on my phone, but didn’t risk the doorbell chime waking my baby. 

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1 year ago

Bumping this thread. Honestly, it makes no sense for the doorbell chime to be enabled at all since the base station has its own chime which you can control. Who wants multiple chimes? Personally, I want no chime at all since the app notification is good enough and all a chime does is make my dogs and toddlers go bananas. Had I known this was not possible, as it was with our old Nest system, I would have factored the cost of a doorbell chime which I can physically mute into the cost of switching.

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1 year ago

Hi @jerry_butler and @FloridaMan ,

There are three different ways that the Video Doorbell Pro's button can produce sound:

  • Through the speaker built into the Video Doorbell itself
  • Through the wired mechanical doorbell system inside your home
  • Through the Base Station, when the Video Doorbell is associated with an alarm system.

There is a setting that can be adjusted for the Base Station volume, under ☰ Menu > My System > Camera Settings > [your camera's name] > Base Station Chime.

But there is currently no setting for the other two. Because the Video Doorbell Pro plugs into an analog (mechanical) doorbell system, there's no way for the camera to control that sound.

We have seen other users in our Community wire up the Video Doorbell Pro without the chime. You'll just want to keep in mind that the camera is designed for the specific conditions (voltage, current, etc) provided by an actual doorbell system. So we'd suggest working with a professional electrician to make sure it's set up right.

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