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Sunday, May 29th, 2022 5:55 PM

Motion lights only

Is it possible to turn the wireless outdoor cameras off from recording, yet keep the motion sensor and light ready to come on when needed?  We have visitors staying in our home and in order to give them privacy we turned the cameras off so that we weren't receiving notifications every time they come and go.  It would be nice to have the extra lighting the cameras give off (without recording) when approaching the walkways at night.  Is this possible?  We've only had the cameras 6 months and figured out how to shut the cameras & sensors off, but is it possible to keep the sensors on so that the lights can be triggered?



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2 years ago

@roddlori unfortunately it appears not, as the motion sensor in the camera starts recording all of the time (unless turned off )and the light can be turned off or on when motion detection is on. I understand your example but there are so many other priorities/requests I hope SS is working on and will deliver in the near future.  Eliminating the need to wake up the camera if connected to an AC source or solar panel, for example, is a big one for me and others due to how long the delay is for the camera to start recording compared to the Simplicam and doorbell pro. Of course, this is just my preference, and just differs from yours.  Have a great day.


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