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Friday, June 24th, 2022 12:06 PM

Motion Detected Push Notification When Accessing

Recently every time I look at a Camera I start receiving "Push" notifications (which I have enabled). Otherwise the cameras work correctly notifying me when thee is appropriate motion detected. This is becoming most annoying especially since I have the "Push" also going to my wife's phone too. So if I check a camera late at night or if we are not together her phone starts receiving "Motion Detected" alerts when there is really no motion.   

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11 months ago

Hello @SirGalivant ,

I have not encountered a report like this before. Just to clarify, do I have this right?

  • Your Camera sends notifications as normal. When it detects motion, you get the notification as you should.
  • But when you open the app and start a livestream, you get notifications again? 
  • And then your wife also gets those extra notifications at the same time?

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11 months ago

Anytime I use the SS App and view our outdoor driveway camera it sends a motion detected push notification to both phones.  I contacted tech support and they say the system needs a firmware update. Unfortunately that needs to be performed from the keypad and I'm 11 hours away for that site. Will perform the update in to weeks when we are at the location. 

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7 months ago

I am experiencing the exact same issue. Everytime I open the app, or view any of the three outdoor cameras I get a push notification for “motion detected” from one camera only. It’s always the same camera. I have updated the firmware. Still an issue. 

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5 months ago

I’m seeing the same issue when I open the Simplisafe app. I get a motion detected push notification for the same camera.

I have the most recent firmware.



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5 months ago

This is absolutely true as I can also go in the app and live view and bam get a notification and some times I can go in the library and view a recent video and it will trigger an notification on that camera or even another camera that I have not looked at so this one is true I just always ignore it 

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