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Thursday, May 21st, 2020 10:33 PM

Max Length of SimpliCam USB cable



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3 years ago

The cable is just used for power, with no signal requirements.  Thus any USB cable should work fine as long as all connectors match up.  Cables which talk about "cameras they are compatible with" I suspect are used to transfer data from the camera, and in that case, the signal wires do have importance. .

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3 years ago

Yes, there is a theoretical limit - but 15-25 feet should be fine.  It's actually the "connections" between different cables that can cause resistance and potential problems.  If you can find a single USB->Micro USB cable 25ft. it would be best.  But, a single "connection" between 2 "well manufactured" cables should be fine.   Any "amazon choice" is probably fine.  Good luck!

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