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Tuesday, April 18th, 2023 2:49 AM

low battery in camera

I have a solar charger hooked up to a camera, but I'm getting a low battery warning. Is it the camera or the charger? Thanks in advance.

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1 year ago

Hi @icgpamretired, 

When you installed your Solar Panel, had your Outdoor Camera's battery been charging for at least 5 hours? The Solar Panel is designed to keep your battery charged, not charge it all the way. Also, how much direct sunlight does your Solar Panel receive? It should get at least three hours of direct sunlight a day to keep the Outdoor Camera's battery topped off. 

If your battery had already been charged and your Solar Panel receives plenty of sunlight, I would also check to see if the USB cable is plugged into the port on the camera all the way. It should snap into place, and the ridge around the header should be right up against the camera.

If the port is plugged into the camera all the way, and your camera isn't charging at all, it may be an issue with your Solar Panel. In that case, I would suggest contacting our Support team, as we may need to send you a replacement.

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Why wouldn't the solar panel charge the battery all the way of there's enough sunlight? How does it determine how much to charge?

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@pdpuffy​ apologies for the miscommunication. You can think of it like the Solar Panel is able to 'top up' the amount of power used during a typical day. So yes, it should be keeping the battery full, if there's enough sunlight.

It's just not capable of charging from zero to full with the same amount of sunlight.

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