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Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 2:17 PM

Lost Recordings revisted

A while back I posted about recordings being lost from the Doorbell camera. It's still happening, I thought I'd add some additional info.

I have an Orbi Pro mesh WiFi network. One of the nodes is less than 10 feet from the doorbell: https://imgur.com/a/qSrYiXG (the arrow is pointing at the node).

The test in the SimpleSafe app shows that the connection is strong and there is more than enough bandwidth for the camera: https://imgur.com/ooPde3d

My Internet service is 200 Mbps down/20 Mbps up. What I'm actually getting exceeds that: https://imgur.com/1cBx3WR

Yet, most of the time I get only part of the video when somebody comes to my door. https://imgur.com/lmJyeS6

I've found that if I look at the live video within a few seconds of getting the alert for motion or the doorbell, nearly 100% of the time the recorded video will show the error. Or if I try to view the recorded video before it is "ready" it'll crap out and show the error. 

If there is video captured because of motion (not somebody pressing the doorbell), most of the time it'll work properly. But if there's any audio included, such as me opening the door and talking with whoever is at the door that video will be lost. 

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